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*guilt for having been slack*

Cmon chaps, lets resurrect this comm! Here's my contribution (I know it's not very highbrow, but what can I say, I like Hunter S)

"The Great Debate turned out to be a false alarm, more or less. It meant nothing, it solved nothing, it decided nothing, it addessed nothing, and it was nothing...A clean sweep, except for a frantic ripple effect that petered out before noon the next day, when the Ronald Reagan Show hit the United Nations and the tabloids hit the supermarkets with a front-page headline that said:


When I saw it I went limp with a shock of recognition. It was one of those sudden fiery instants that Herman Melville had in mind when he said, "Genuis all over the world stands hand in hand, and one shock of recognition runs the whole circle round."
True headline junkies are a rare breed, almost extinct, and our art is a very fragile thing. Dying, in fact - a dying art, arcane to the point of perversion, with only a few practitioners.
But I like to think that I am one of them, and when I saw that ELVIS/MARS head, I felt a high flash in my spine.
The headline was so good that it made the story redundant...It was a masterpiece of the headline-writing art: it told the whole story in six words so sharp and loaded that the article itself became redundant, except to mystics and libel lawyers.
Nobody else cared. Only those of us in the headline trade, but we rarely talk to each other and we know that our art means nothing."

-Hunter S Thompson. 'Dukakis Uber Alles' (Songs of the Doomed - More Notes on the Death of the American Dream)
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